MariahBackshot-workwithmeThe 2-WEEK TONE UP is the only safe and effective fat-loss program for women guaranteeing FAST results.

This program is specifically designed to eliminate that annoying and embarrassing belly bloat, while revving up your metabolism for maximum fat loss—in just 2 short weeks.

This isn’t a quick-fix program. It’s a total tone-up program full of effective techniques so you’ll see results in 14 days.

I don’t believe in “quick fixes,” and I’ve told every one of my clients that. But inevitably, they start one of those unhealthy extreme diets—because they had a special event in which they needed to look their best.

And you know what happened? Their metabolism came to a screeching halt. They were exhausted and starving. Eventually, they each confessed to going on a binging spree.

Weddings, high school reunions, vacations, family pictures, and summer swimsuits put so much pressure on us to look perfect.

Even with my 2-Week Tone Up Program, I emphasize healthy—because that’s the approach that’s going to really work. You won’t find any extreme, desperate measures inside. That is why this 14-day program works.

Now you can have both—the fast results you want in a healthy manner that treats your body right!

This 2-Week Tone Up program was created initially for my clients … and now I’m making it available to you!

I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks! This program is a super effective way to kick-start a healthy eating plan. I was most surprised at how healthy and energetic I felt by the second week. I loved the program. I would DEFINITELY recommend the 2 Week Tone Up to my friends! It was hard, but worth it!



I got tired of seeing my clients torture themselves with such extreme measures of dieting and exercising. I’d much rather my clients do nothing than end up worse off by crashing and burning. I don’t want you or any other woman to suffer or deprive herself … just to fit into skinny jeans for a one-day event.

The 2-Week Tone Up teaches you the correct way to eat and exercise while burning calories, increasing your metabolism and losing fat—all at the same time. This approach will effectively help your belly bloat and extra pounds stay gone forever if you follow the program as it’s been designed.

Stop harming your body with these extreme measures:

  • Low-calorie cleanses of water concoctions of lemon and cayenne pepper
  • 60-minute high-intensity cardio workouts 2 times a day
  • Weight-loss pills, water-retention pills and laxatives
  • Swearing off ALL carbohydrates

Get fast results the healthy way with my 2-Week Tone Up Program.

I lost 4.4 pounds and 6 inches! I busted through a weight barrier that I haven't dropped below in months (years?) and that felt great. Now I know I can get there and below. I love the momentum I have going right now. This program is anything BUT a "quick fix". It's a starting place for long term, sustainable health promoting habits involving clean eating and targeted exercise. The meals were simple and delicious. The exercise videos are fast paced, interesting and fun! Often they can be really boring but I loved all three. I'm going to keep doing them for I love the changes I've seen in my body composition and continue to see past the 2 weeks. This program is easy to follow, simple to do, and the results are pronounced. You really have nothing to lose - except extra bits on your body!



Here’s what you’ll get:

        1. Quick Start Checklist
          1. Learn the program components so you know exactly what to do
          2. Get effective strategies for preparing and organizing your days for best results
          3. Maximize fat loss by following my best, simple tips for daily progress beyond eating and exercising
        2. Progress Tracker
          1. See real progress by tracking your before and after pictures, measurements and weight with a convenient worksheet
          2. Get instructions for where to take measurements so there’s no confusion
        3. 3-Day Detox Kickstart
          1. Clean out your digestive system and rid your body of toxins
          2. Prepare your body for the healthy, metabolism-boosting foods to come
          3. Learn how to use real, whole foods (without pills or crazy diet drinks)
          4. Feel satisfied, not deprived or hungry
        4. Nutrition Guide
          1. Get 4 recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as snacks, so you know exactly what to eat and when
          2. Save time with recipes that are fast, easy and delicious with minimal prep work—great for busy schedules!
          3. Enjoy limitless energy from nutritious, whole foods

THE REAL DIFFERENCE: All meals and recipes included in this program are dairy-, sugar-, gluten-, and meat-free—great for carnivores and gluten-free vegans!

      1. Workouts
        1. Receive two masterfully crafted workouts that incorporate cardio AND resistance training to promote maximum fat loss quickly
        2. Challenge your muscles as they should be with workouts that include 2 power circuits and 2 cardio circuits
        3. Target your large muscle groups and perform effective compound movements for greater muscle fiber activation and fat burning
        4. Increase your body’s metabolic effect so you burn calories all day long
        5. Fit the workouts into a busy day (workouts are under 35 minutes)
        6. Follow along with me, listen to your own music and take the workouts on the go via downloadable video and PDF versions
      2. Calendar
        1. Stay focused and confident to know what to eat or which workout to do, with the printable worksheet that simplifies the program by listing out your daily workouts and eating plan

Order today to receive my AB Sculpting workout for FREE. Add this workout to your weekly routine 2 to 3 times each week, and you’ll see core definition like never before.

Normally, you’d pay A LOT for a program like this. With my 1-on-1 coaching, a step-by-step nutrition plan and exercise guide, you can save today … and get the lasting results you deserve.

Valued at over $500, the 2-Week Tone Up is being offered at $67. 

Mariah is a heart led coach who understands her clients and has deep empathy for how we all struggle with food issues. Doing her 2 Week Tone Up was refreshing, fun and filled full of great food. I actually ate more than I usually do! Mariah is knowledgeable, supportive and her gorgeous handouts make the recipes easy to follow. The exercises are clear and quick. You can't go wrong with this program.



Is the 2 WEEK TONE UP right for you?

This program is right for you if:

    1. You want to look your best quickly but HEALTHFULLY—without crash diets, pills or calorie-counting.
    2. You want to eat healthier using simple, delicious dishes that are easy to prepare.
    3. You’re interested in transitioning to a diet rich in real, whole foods but want a little guidance along the way.
    4. You want to improve your body composition but don’t want to spend hours in the gym—or spend thousands of money on gadgets that don’t work.



How do I access the program?

After you make your purchase, you’ll receive a link to the 2-WEEK TONE UP Members’ Area. It takes just a minute to set up your unique username and password. Once that’s done, you’ll have immediate access to the private members’ area. You can dive into the program right then and there.

You can also download the workouts, nutrition guide, recipes, workout calendar, progress tracker and the 3-day detox so that you can continue with the program even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

How much does the program cost?

You get the whole package – downloadable workouts in both PDF and video formats, the nutrition guide, recipes, a workout calendar, the progress tracker, and 3-day detox plan – for just $89. $67 until Wednesday, July 30th—act now!

Do I need any special equipment?

You’ll need a pair of light dumbbells, around 3 pounds, and a set of heavier dumbbells: 5, 8 or 10 pounds. A supportive pair of sneakers is also recommended to prevent injury since you’ll be jumping up and down.

Can I watch the workouts on my iPhone or iPad?

Absolutely! They work just the same as all of your other videos.

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll see results with the 2-WEEK TONE UP, I’m offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Before I refund your money, please know that I’ll require your completed Progress Tracker and your before/after pictures. Why? Because I know if you do all the work, you’ll get the results you’re seeking. It’s that simple.

I am fully confident that this program works when done correctly. I’m living proof! You have absolutely nothing to lose and massive amounts (of energy, health, happiness!) to gain that will change your life for the better. Take action today.