How to Love Your Body (Even Though You Hate It)

How To Love Your Body (Even Though You Hate It)

  Did you know that 95% of your thoughts each day are subconscious? Whoa, right? Think of your subconscious mind like a hard drive which stores information so that your computer can function on autopilot. So our subconscious mind is waaaay more powerful than our conscious mind because it shapes how we live our lives…

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Kristin’s 40 Pound Weight Loss

Kristin’s story will blow your socks off, seriously. When we first started working together she faced the same challenges you may be facing today: Self care…what’s that? Exhaustion. No time to prepare healthy meals (let alone shop!) Medicating with food. (Because sometimes food is all we have, right? It’s an easy-affordable-go-to that makes us feel…

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Healthy Honey Choco-Popcorn

  Homemade caramel corn….mmmmmm. The smell of it made our mouths water recently while at our local county fair.  The girls begged Ken and I for some. “Okay, just this once!” HEAVEN  Of course the recipe-remake wheels started turning in my head and I came up with this bad boy.  It has the perfect amount of…

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