Mariah-Dolan-eBook---PDF-Download-1Imagine a world where you can eat the same foods as your family and still lose weight.

That world isn’t a make-believe fantasy.

It’s reality for busy moms everywhere.

No longer do you have to prepare entirely separate diet meals for yourself or choke down another tasteless meal from your point-tracking, diet-delivery service—all while your family devours pizza that smells so good, you might chew your own arm off.

GOOD NEWS! There is a simple way to reach your goal weight by eating the same foods your family eats.

Mariah-Dolan-eBook---PDF-Download-10As a busy mom of four, I get it.

↠ You’re tired of obsessing over what to eat.
↠ You’re sick of decoding the latest nutritional information.
↠ You’re frustrated not knowing how to feed your family while following your new diet plan.

You’re in luck. I am here to tell you that losing weight doesn’t have to be this hard or this frustrating.

Stop counting calories.
Stop measuring food.

Lose weight.
Keep it off.

Throw your diet books away.

Mariah-Dolan-eBook---PDF-Download-13You never have to feel deprived again.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Lasting Health & Weight Loss provides you with step-by-step instructions for losing weight while feeding your family healthy foods they’ll actually eat.

Counting calories, restricting certain foods, going hungry (but always thinking about food)— it’s not practical or healthy.

After the birth of my fourth child, I was 50 pounds overweight. Say what?

I had to find a way to drop the pounds. After trying every diet plan imaginable, I didn’t know what to do.

↠ I needed healthy food to taste good.
↠ I needed recipes big enough to feed a family. No more 8×8 pans!
↠ I needed food preparation to be quick and easy.

Mariah-Dolan-eBook---PDF-Download-15Luckily, through my experiences with dieting and an eating disorder, I found a way to accomplish this—and now you can learn how, too, in my book. Over the course of nine months, I lost those 50 extra pounds eating the same foods I was feeding my family.

I’ve never felt better!

In my step-by-step guide to losing weight while feeding your family healthy foods they’ll actually eat, you’ll discover:

  • My weight loss struggles so you don’t make the same mistakes
  • Why eating whole foods is the only way to permanent weight loss
  • An easy step-by-step approach to adding and eliminating foods so that weight falls off effortlessly
  • How kicking the terrible triad to the curb will end headaches, bloating, gas, digestive upset, and constipation forever
  • Exercise guidelines to finally get results in as little as 20 minutes per day
  • The correct way to detox in order to reach optimum health
  • How to incorporate your new healthy lifestyle into the family routine
  • Daily menu plans so there’s no confusion about what to eat
  • Kid-tested and kid-approved recipes that are delicious and nutritious

So much good can come from a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s time to amaze yourself and believe in your abilities.

You will always be a mom.
You will always be busy.
Now you can live a more healthy and radiant life! It’s time to thrive.



Mariah’s book is eye-openingly educational and approachable. Her step-by-step method is realistic for busy schedules, since you move at your own pace making little changes every day that add up to substantial results. After reading Mariah’s book, I was motivated to make the necessary tweaks to my own diet to not only see changes in the scale (it finally budged!) but also notice improvements in how I feel throughout the day and during my workouts. Mariah’s tips and how-to’s really do work.



Mariah Dolan’s book is a must read for any mom struggling to look after herself and her family. It is family centred with easy to implement guidelines and strategies. Mind you, this is NOT an overnight fix. Mariah shares how her own personal history of disordered eating informs her food choices that she makes every single day. She teaches you to use food as your daily medicine – and that of your family. Being or getting healthy isn’t something you do one time. You need to make conscious and dedicated choices every day. Of your life. And she shows you exactly how to do this in her book. Do not underestimate the power of the solutions, suggestions and ideas that seem so simple. Small changes add up over time to a big result.



Let’s face it, we live busy lives and learning how to be healthy in the midst of it can be daunting. Except when we incorporate the small changes which Mariah recommends that yield BIG results. As you incorporate her tips you’ll start to see and feel the weight fall off and smile as your family get healthier in the process.



Mariah has integrated a whole-foods diet that's easy to fit into a busy family life. She's lived the yo-yo diets and knows from bitter experience that diets don't work. If this busy wife and Mother of 4 can do it, so can you. Let her be your guide to a healthier lifestyle the whole family can enjoy!