The-Healthy-Jumpstart-iPad-Cover-BlackThe life of a busy mom moves 100 miles per hour.
It’s impossible to keep up with life in the fast lane.

Healthy habits don’t have to take a back seat.

Ask yourself…

Do I rely on coffee each morning to get me out of bed?

Do I reach for sugary snacks in the afternoon because my energy is zapped?

Do I drink alcohol at night to calm my mind and take the edge off?

Do I feel like my skin is always drab and dry?

Do I experience head colds that last a month?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then The Healthy Jumpstart + 7-Day Reboot is going to help you tremendously. It’s the perfect reset button for you.

Don’t go another day feeling rundown and tired. There is a HEALTHY way to get the energy and vitality you need every day of the week…without reaching for sugary sweets, caffeine or alcohol.

Sometimes we think we’re doing the right thing.

There was a time when I was eating exactly according to diet plans advised by popular women’s fitness magazines. I followed their workout recommendations too and forced myself to do 60-minute weight lifting sessions and cardio 2 times a day.

Guess what? I’ve never felt sicker in my entire life.

The meal plans only cared about my losing the greatest amount of weight in the least time possible. Most of the foods that were considered “healthy” were full of additives, fillers and synthetic chemicals. UNHEALTHY, HARMFUL, TOXIC!

And with those ill-advised diet plans, I found myself over-training. No wonder my body gave up. It threw in the towel and quit. And I found myself at square one, asking myself the very questions I’ve asked you today.

There is a RIGHT and REAL way to feel your best.
I’ve created this program because I’m fiery passionate about helping other women find the RIGHT and REAL way to feel their best…every single day.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • The 5 pillars of health – how having these in harmony can help prevent and reverse disease
  • Why you want an alkaline balance in your body and how to get there
  • Top 6 foods you must eliminate in order to reach optimal health (really!)
  • Which foods are nourishing and provide abundant energy, glowing skin and mental clarity
  • Safe and effective detox tips and cleanse techniques
  • Exercises to calm an overactive mind (this is a MUST that is often overlooked)

Plus, you’ll receive detailed instructions and recipes for a 7-day reboot that will leave you feeling light, refreshed and energized. It’s the healthy reboot you need.

The Healthy Jumpstart + 7-Day Reboot is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a “quick fix” diet plan. Weight loss is a benefit you will more than likely experience, but it’s not the primary focus. If you’re looking for the quickest and healthiest way to look your best in no time, click here. (I have a program for that.)

The Healthy Jumpstart + 7-Day Reboot IS for you if:

  • You’re eager to part ways with your toxic environment and reclaim your health.
  • You want to wake up each morning feeling rested and energized.
  • You’re willing to take the time to prepare yourself fresh wholesome foods that are healing and rejuvenating. (Truthfully, the 7-Day Reboot takes less time than preparing traditional foods.)

Your health matters.
By choosing a healthy program focused on real, whole foods, you’ll get the much-needed reboot your body needs to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Moms have so much to do. Stop settling for the always-tired, need-coffee, barely-awake drudgery. Get the healthy jump start today…and put your health as a top priority. More energy and better health can be yours!