Emotional Eating – Stop and Ask This Before Eating Anything


end emotional eating with this one question

Why do you eat?

Think about that for a minute. “Why do you eat?”

I’ll tell you what most of my clients say:

“Because I’m…”

  • stressed
  • tired
  • bored
  • procrastinating
  • celebrating
  • or it’s comforting

And if you ask a naturally thin person why they eat, do you know what they’ll say?

Wait for it! “Because I’m hungry.” That’s it. “Because I’m hungry.”

Hunger is a physical sign that your stomach is empty and needs more food.

Eating is the physical action that makes the hunger go away. So you’re treating a physical sign with a physical action.

When you use food for love, comfort, joy, procrastination, stress, fatigue or boredom, that’s called emotional eating because you’re using something physical to treat an emotion.

You must learn to separate your emotional world from your physical world if you want to reach your ideal weight.

Healthy thin people deal with their emotions in an emotional way.


  • talking with a friend
  • journaling
  • crying
  • meditating
  • praying
  • tapping (Visit Diana Tower to learn more about using EFT)

They also take care of physical problems in an physical way.

If they’re tired, they sleep rather than drinking a pot of coffee or inhaling two pounds of M&M’s for a sugar hit.

Bored? They go exercise.

So before you eat anything, simply ask yourself, “Am I hungry?”

If not, what are you feeling that’s causing you to dive head first into that bag of salty chips or sugary cookies?

Then go deal with THAT emotion in an emotional way.

Next time I’ll give you coping strategies for all the emotional reasons we eat.

Until then, simply get into the habit of asking yourself, “Am I hungry?” before you eat.

Now you.

What’s YOUR biggest emotional eating trigger? Stress? Comfort? Procrastination?

I want to make sure I address it in my next video. Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers to your health,



  1. Suzanna

    I have trouble waiting for hunger for second or third meals of the day. I think I’m afraid of being thin without suffering because other women would be jealous and dislike me for it.

    • Mariah Dolan


      I encourage you to live your life based on what you want. The only person you have control over is yourself, so you can’t live in fear of what people may or may not think of you. Be the person you want to be. That will attract the right people into your life.


      ~ Mariah

  2. Nikki

    I am for sure a stress eater. Even though logically I know that eating is not going to fix whatever it is I feel stressed about!

    • Mariah Dolan

      Nikki, you’re certainly not alone because stress is the #1 reason why most people emotionally eat.

      I’m a big time stress eater too—because here’s the deal when you have kids. Food is the quick go-to, right? I can stand and mindlessly eat some chips while I’m still productive in the kitchen fixing dinner.

      It’s much harder to go for a run or walk which is something that would actually help my stress levels rather than masking them. So the trick is for us to find something that’s fairly easy to do while we have kids.

      Tapping has really helped me with this. Check out my link above on Diana’s website. She has great information on how to tap for stress.

  3. Joy

    I tend to make unhealthy food choices when in social settings. Happy hour (hello appetizers), dinner party (should we open a second bottle?….yes!), birthday/holiday parties…
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming my friends, I take full responsibility for my choices. It’s just that know that I’m less likely to make good choices when I’m out celebrating.

    • Mariah Dolan

      Celebrating is a common one for sure! That’s when we say “to heck with healthy food…it’s time to indulge!”

      And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Food is meant to be enjoyed. So as long as you have balance, Joy, I’d say you’re doing just fine 😉

  4. Joanna

    Thank you Mariah! I was not able to loose weight, ever. it did not matter how hard I would try, I’d gain weight. I was not able to say no when friends and family demanded I eat this or that. I would feel guilty for saying no and betrayed for saying yes. However, things have changed with that one question. “Why do I want to eat?” I found lots of emotional reasons. When I started to accept only hunger as an eating signal to eat, I started to loose weight. Now when pressured to eat I simply say no thank you. When my mother in law started in with how she had cooked all those good foods for me and I didn’t eat so now she would have to throw them out, I thanked her and told her she should eat them. Then I lost half a pound. I absolutely feel great about my new found strength. 😃

    • Mariah Dolan


      This is music to my ears!

      The problem is, we use food for everything, right?

      We use it to self medicate when we’re feeling stressed, depressed or tired. We use it to celebrate and reward ourselves. But eating is a physical action and we need to learn how to treat our emotions in an emotional way.

      One of the hardest things to do is stick to your guns around friends and family. Bravo to you, my friend, for putting yourself first and standing firmly in your principles. That’s the only way anything will ever change. With time, your friends and family will come around to your new way of life and it won’t be an issue anymore.



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