Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs Once and for All

Limiting beliefs are perceptions based on the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years.

Perceptions do not equal truth!

There’s the problem. We’re CHOOSING (Yes—it’s a choice!) to believe in perceptions that:

  • limit our potential
  • destroy our opportunity to move forward
  • allow us to live in the world as a “victim”

Trust me, I get it. They’re truth to you because over the years you’ve collected tons of references that support your limiting beliefs.

But once upon a time you didn’t have these limiting beliefs, right? These references in your life started out as ideas which turned into opinions which became YOUR limited beliefs. As such, they aren’t real.

Again, they ARE real to you, but that’s only your perspective. If your limiting beliefs were concrete truths, everybody (on the face of the earth!) would feel the same as you…and that’s simply not the case.

For example…my limiting belief:
“It’s impossible to get back into shape after having kids, over 40 years old.”

That’s simply not true. There are lots of women in great shape over 40 after kids!

So it’s time to let these BS limiting beliefs go.

Throw Doubt On Your Limiting Belief

Now that you have your limiting beliefs written out, it’s time to question them.

If you haven’t done this yet, click here for instructions. 

* Write out your answers on a separate piece of paper.

1. Is this belief helping me get what I want most in life? Will it help me reach my goals?

2. What will happen if I don’t change this limiting belief?

3. What’s the exact opposite way of thinking about this belief? How is this helpful?

I know I always like examples, so I’ll share my answers in regards to my limiting belief:

“It’s impossible to get fit over 40 years old after having kids.”  

1. This limiting belief is holding me back from reaching my goals. Every time I take a step further I take two steps back because my limiting belief tells me it’s impossible for me to get back into shape after having kids and being over 40.

I want to feel light, fit and energetic again. I don’t want to waste valuable energy over trivial thoughts like “what won’t make me look fat today?” Or “How can I get out of this pool party for my kids because I don’t want to be seen in a swimsuit?”

Life is too short to live this way! I deserve to be healthy and comfortable in my skin to fully enjoy life.

2. If I don’t erase this limiting belief, I’ll be stuck feeling like a victim forever…like I don’t have a choice in my health, energy or happiness. That’s crap! I want this monkey off my back so I can move on with my life.

3. I’m just as capable of getting into great shape as anybody else in this world. Age and kids don’t dictate whether or not I can lose weight. I DO! My arms, legs and core work beautifully. I’m the perfect machine. I know how to prepare healthy meals for my family and I’m blessed with the ability to MOVE every day. I deserve this gift.

Now you.

What limiting beliefs are holding you back and how can you spin them around to work for you?

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