Help Me Lose Weight!

I haven’t worked out for three years. Seriously!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know my story. 

If you haven’t…here’s the quick and dirty version.

• 2013 (six months after having my 4th baby) I had horrible-gut-wrenching-I can’t-even-talk right hip pain

• saw orthopedic doctor who told me to get two surgical opinions; one said hip replacement, the other said hip reconstruction surgery in hopes to buy me 5 years before a hip replacement

• had three hip injections while waiting to see these specialists

• 2014 (December) had the hip reconstruction surgery; non-weight bearing for 3 weeks on crutches; full healing from surgery took one full year 

• 2015 (December) had hip replacement because the hip reconstruction didn’t cure the pain (DARN IT!)

• 2016 still having severe pain while walking and bending, tried medrol dose pak (steroid pack) and 3 more hip injections; no help

• had emergent MRI showing severe scarring in my hip, which was causing a painful impingement

• started 8 weeks of physical therapy using stainless steel instruments to break up scar tissue; OMGosh OUCH!; but it worked! 

• started my own scar tissue mobilization at home:
1. because I’m a physical therapist 😉
2. because you only get an allotted number of physical therapy sessions;  so I was on my own to continue

So after 3 solid years of pain, crutches, surgeries, MRI’s, physical therapy and injections, I can FINALLY walk pain free. Hallelujah! 

THAT’S the good news!

The bad news is I’ve lost ALL my strength, flexibility and range of motion. When that happens, you lose muscle and gain fat.

Here’s what I look like now:


I don’t have the “skinny gene.” 

And chances are you don’t either if you’re reading this now!

You know who I’m talking about, right?

Those friends of yours who eat whatever they want to their hearts’ content where their only form of exercise is (occasionally!) walking their dog. Sigh… 

  • I have to move my body everyday.
  • I have to eat foods that fuel my energy.
  • I have to get enough sleep to function the next day. 

And you know what? That’s okay! 

Because if I didn’t haaaaave to, I probably wouldn’t. So it’s a blessing in disguise. 

So what’s YOUR story?

• do you feel like you’re drowning in a giant to-do list so your health goals get put on hold?

• don’t know where to start because the thought of losing weight is so overwhelming that you keep putting it off until “Monday?” Which goes on for years.

• can’t carve out enough time to workout and prepare healthy dinners with the kid’s activities?

• or maybe you’re plagued with a health crisis like me that has prevented you from reaching your goals…

YOU are not alone. Trust me when I say I understand.  

So I’m looking for an accountability partner to help me get back into shape. Will that be you?

One study showed that people who had social, accountability partners lost an average of 1.2 pounds per week as opposed to 0.27 pounds when they went at it alone.

That’s a 344% increase in the success rate if you partner up!  

Trust me on this…support and accountability are game changers. Check out these success stories from some of my clients/teammates. 


New Challenge Begins:
Monday, September 26th

Workouts start on October 3rd

Challenge includes:
✓ workout dvd’s
✓ post-workout nutrition
✓ coaching from me
✓ support and accountability
on sale now for $140 (regularly $160)

Simply click here to send me a message you’re IN, and I’ll send you a link to sign up. Easy-peazy 🙂

I’m so excited to start this journey with you. Let’s do this together!

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