How to Stop Telling Yourself It’s Hard to Eat Healthy

There are TONS of limiting beliefs when it comes to weight loss, healthy eating and exercise. 

Here’s mine:

Limiting Beliefs


And boy are these limiting beliefs coming out in my exercise group right now! 

Why? Because the newness of the year is fading and our motivation has dipped. This creates the perfect cocktail to fall back into our old patterns. 

If you have any limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious mind surrounding weight loss, exercise or healthy eating…guess what?

Your body will follow THOSE messages despite your healthy eating and exercise habits. Click here for more on that. 

Limiting beliefs like:

  • eating healthy takes too much time
  • exercise equals long, boring workouts
  • losing weight is hard after having kids

We have to break those negative associations if we want to create a healthy permanent change.

Often times these associations were formed early on in childhood and we don’t even know it.

Mine for example. I heard over and over again as a little girl that it’s hard to lose weight after having kids and even HARDER once you’re over 40.

That belief is hard wired in my subconscious mind. No wonder it feels like a struggle to lose weight (after 4 kids and over 40!)

Step One

Take out a piece of paper and write one of these 3:

  1. Losing weight is…
  2. Eating healthy is…
  3. Exercise is…

Pick the one that is most emotionally charged for you! If all three are equally troubling you, do all three on seperate sheets of paper. 

Set a timer for 15 minutes and write how you feel about the topic. Do this for the FULL 15 minutes (the longer the time goes the deeper the feelings will surface.)

The first step to breaking limiting beliefs is by identifying them so that we can work on them. We can’t fix what we don’t acknowledge. 

Step Two:

What references back up this limiting belief?

Meaning, why do you think this way? What has happened in your life that made you come to this conclusion?

This is often an eye-opening step. Sometimes there really aren’t any concrete references. 

My limiting belief for example—it’s hard losing weight after kids and over 40 is simply something I heard. 

Since I heard it so much (from various people at different times) I accepted it as truth!

But it’s not true. If it were, ALL women over 40 with kids would struggle with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, right? 

Now you.

Let me know what your limiting belief is in the comments below. 

I’ll release step 3 next week because I want you to reeeeeeally concentrate on this for one full week. Get in tune with what’s really holding you back and why. Plus, too much to work at once can cause paralysis. 

Sit down and take the time to work on this. You deserve a life free from these crappy, limiting beliefs!

I promise if you do the work, we’ll break those negative beliefs holding you back from reaching your goals. 



  1. Janice

    I’m self sabotaging all the time and I didn’t even know it! Thanks for this timely post. I’m going to work on your steps before I go to bed tonight 🙂

  2. Pauline

    Wow, I had no idea how much my limiting beliefs were holding me back. I’m excited to get working on these. Hoping this will make a difference. Thanks!

    • Mariah Dolan

      It’s amazing how much limiting beliefs can hold us back, Pauline.

      The important part is that you recognize it now so you can work on them. With time you certainly CAN make a difference.

      I’m always here if you need help 🙂


  3. Ankita Roy

    Very true. A true will and concentration towards our goal will change our lives. Whether it is losing weight through any commercial fitness equipment or other gym equipment. You just have to think and go for it.

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