Kitchen Organization Ideas for Weight Loss Success

There’s a secret you don’t know about me…

I LOVE to organize things. Seriously.

If I didn’t love my job as a weight loss coach so much I would open my own organizing business.

So what the heck does organization have to do with weight loss? Well, you’ll have to watch the video of course 😉

Kitchen Organization Ideas for Weight Loss Success

Audio Transcript

Today I’m giving you 3 tips on decluttering your kitchen which helps declutter your mind and when that happens, your goals are easily attainable.

Hey it’s Mariah from, your busy mom headquarters to help you love the skin you’re in and we know without a doubt that the body follows the mind. Science backs this up.

That’s why with my weight loss coaching clients we always start with mindset, because trying to lose weight without addressing mindset, is like driving with the emergency brake on.

So if your mind is cluttered with negative thoughts like “It’s impossible for me to lose weight” “I’ll never be able to complete this detox program I signed up for,” guess what? It’s gonna be really hard to lose weight or complete that detox because your mind is telling your body it can’t do it.

So what does our environment have to do with this?

If our environment is cluttered, it sends a clutter signal to the brain and clutter makes us feel restricted or like we can’t take a deep breath.

When we feel restricted it feels like a heavy weight is pushing down on us which makes it tougher to reach our goals.

So here’s 3 quick tips on decluttering your kitchen since that’s where we spend most of our time.

1. Store only one appliance on your counter

Pick the appliance you use most and store all others away. This creates more open counter space which declutters our mind.

Since I use my Vitamix at least twice per day, that’s the lucky one that stays.

2. Store condiments on a tray

Get a decorative tray or turntable like this to store your most used condiments on like olive oil and salt and pepper. It gives loose items a purposeful home by grouping them which doesn’t feel like clutter.

3. Store loose items in glass mason jars

Plastic baggies don’t hold their shape so other foods pile on top of them and they get lost in the cupboard.

Foods like pasta, lentils, legumes, and quinoa all store well in glass containers. Since I buy my herbs in bulk, I also store them in little mason jars like this.

Now you.

In the comments below this video, let me know your secrets for decluttering.

Cheers to your health,


  1. Nikki

    Hey! Great minds must think alike! I JUST finished reorganizing my kitchen today. Everything went into labeled glass jars and I already feel so much better. I usually have a pretty organized home but things have gotten away from me lately so revisiting my kitchen organization is always a good place to de-clutter and get my mind back in the game!

  2. Joy

    Super great advice and something I desperately need to follow. If you are the Organizing Queen, I am the Clutter Queen. My kitchen (and house and car….) is in a constant state of clutter and disarray. It’s no wonder my kid has ADHD! I do try to keep things manageable but both my husband and myself have a very high tolerance for mess. I even asked him the other day, “how can I get the “I can’t go to bed until the house is clean gene?” I’d love to be more neat and tidy. Much of my problem stems from being a pack rat with a little house. I know my outward appearance would improve if my surroundings were more organized. One more thing to add to my goal list! Thanks!

    • Mariah Dolan

      Joy, I know it can seem overwhelming. So start with something small. For example, tell yourself, “Don’t go to bed until the sink is clean.” Get into the habit of doing that, then add something else that’s simple. Don’t be afraid to task your husband as well 😉 Good luck. I’m here rooting you on!

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