My Client’s Major Breakthrough That Had Me in Tears


If you feel like food controls you, that you can’t stop binge eating and that you’ll never reach your ideal weight, then read what Marci shared in our group challenge now

 Hey all!

I’m so excited about my weekend that I just have to share my experience with you, because I know you’ll share my excitement in ways that others can’t!

After Mariah’s call on Wednesday, something just clicked!

On Friday when I went to my parents for the weekend, I (for the first time ever!) wasn’t worried about the food and overeating!

I don’t know about you all, but my mom (out of the goodness of her heart!) starts cooking and baking my favorite foods as soon as she knows I’m headed her way. So you’ll now understand why this is so huge for me!

When we walked in Friday night, the first thing I saw was a huge chocolate-cherry cake with homemade chocolate fudge frosting!!! For the first time in my life, I looked at that cake and finally realized that…

1. I’m not hungry.

2. That cake will be in that house tomorrow when I wake up!
Omg!!! I just walked past the best cake ever and was completely OK with that!

So Saturday came and my mom made scrambled eggs with all the best vegetables in them. Of course, making it taste in a way that only she can…came my next surprise!

I ate to the point of being comfortably satisfied and quit eating without thinking about it!

Of course then mom whips out the lovely cake from the night before, and amazingly, I was full and didn’t need it!! Whaaat?!!

Later that day I went for a run—and for the first time ever, I ran simply because it felt great! I didn’t have a set time to finish, and I didn’t have a set milage in mind.

I just ran for the beauty of everything around me and quit when I was tired! I felt wonderful!

That evening, my mom pulls out some homemade tapioca pudding.. Mmmmmm.. my favorite! OK, so I had to have some, but to my astonishment, I had a small cup full, and was able to quit once I was satisfied! I wasn’t even worried about the consequences of it. I was finally able to just enjoy it and move on!

When I went home Sunday night something happened that hasn’t ever before! I lost weight!!! Holy cow, Wahoo right?!!

Peeps, I’m telling you about this simply because of all the challenges I’ve faced. I am finally (for once in my life!) feeling like I got this—like I’m finally in charge of the food, and not the food running me!

I can finally see myself getting thinner, leaner, stronger and healthier! I’m not sure what my ideal weight goal is, but I’m for once not worried about it. I’m confident that I will know it when I get there!

I’ve never felt like this before, but I feel like I’ve finally crossed some sort of mental break through, and wanted to share with people who can understand my excitement!

My husband just said, “Oh, that’s great babe!” And my family wants to be happy for me, but have no clue how big this is to me because they’re all thin!

So, I hope you all don’t mind this incredibly long post, but I just had to share my excitement with somebody, and you all are such a great support system! I finally feel like I got this! Wahoooooo!

~ Marci

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