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Help Me Lose Weight!

I haven’t worked out for three years. Seriously! If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know my story.  If you haven’t…here’s the quick and dirty version. • 2013 (six months after having my 4th baby) I had horrible-gut-wrenching-I can’t-even-talk right hip pain • saw orthopedic doctor who told me to get two surgical opinions;…

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Kristin’s 40 Pound Weight Loss

Kristin’s story will blow your socks off, seriously. When we first started working together she faced the same challenges you may be facing today: Self care…what’s that? Exhaustion. No time to prepare healthy meals (let alone shop!) Medicating with food. (Because sometimes food is all we have, right? It’s an easy-affordable-go-to that makes us feel…

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