Visualization for Weight Loss

Imagine sitting in your cozy pajamas on a relaxing Saturday morning, sipping your favorite tea. The last thing you want to do is squeeze into your cold sports bra and go for a jog. Am I right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just sit there and imagine yourself exercising and still get the benefits?

Get ready for your world to be rocked, sister! It is possible and I’ll show you how.

visualization for weight loss


An exercise physiologist compared people who went to the gym with people who carried out virtual workouts in their heads. He found a 30% muscle increase in the group who went to the gym.

No surprise there right?

Here’s where it gets good.

He also found a 13.5% increase in muscle strength in the group who only conducted mental exercises of weight training. That’s almost half of what the weight training group got.

Mind. Blown!

This is simply one of many studies that show us that the body follows the mind. If you put your mind in motion, the body will follow. 

That’s why I spend so much time talking about the mind’s connection to weight loss. It’s simply not enough to diet and exercise.

If we don’t lay the foundation in our mind that we’re worthy of creating a body we love and feeling comfortable in our skin, weight loss will always be a constant struggle. 


Visualization has been used for years to increase athletic performance. Olympic athletes don’t just practice their sports. They visualize themselves excelling at their sport. Sometimes for hours. 

YOU have the same abilities as these top-notch athletes.

Sure you may not be 6’2″ tall like the U.S. olympian Carrie Walsh who’s genetics allow her to crush it with volleyball…

But you DO have access to your own I’m-totally-going-to-crush-my-goals attitude. You just have to tap into it!

Visualization for Weight Loss

 Get comfortable in a seated position and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself in your ideal body image. 

What do you look like?
What are you wearing?
How is your energy?

Now imagine yourself doing something you would never do now—something your current body is holding you back from.

Wearing a swimsuit on the beach?
Wearing shorts and a tank top in public? 
Dancing at a wedding reception?

Feel what it reeeeeeeaallly feels like to be doing that activity.  

How carefree you feel.
How happy.
How relaxed. 

Hold that vision for 10-20 minutes every day.

Watch your ideal body image morph into reality with daily practice. 

Sample Visualization

I haven’t worn a bikini since my first child was born 10 years ago. So I always imagine myself in a bikini, running around the beach with my kids not having a care in the world about what might be hanging out or unflattering. I have tons of energy and I’m bursting with happiness. I’m simply enjoying life in. the. moment. 

THAT’S my visualization. I act like it’s already true; I feel like it’s already true. 

  • create your ideal body image with visualization for weight loss
  • increase strength by 13.5% visualizing yourself exercising
  • 4 step visualization that only takes 10 minutes

Now you.

What’s your visualization? How can you set your mind in motion to create the body you’ll feel comfortable in?


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